Monday, February 23, 2009

Like a bear from hibernation

I have awakened again. Fresh (oh okay more like semi-fresh) from a long indolence away from both my myspace and my blog--were you feeling neglected? I hope I didn't offend. And although I am back I am still very much in my funk just not as much as before so bear with me. I mean it isn't like a tree toppled MY truck, right Teresa...things could be worse...although they could be better.
In the last few weeks during my dormancy I have gotten sick two (or is it three??) times. It is hard to say since they come so close together....viruses are using my immune system like an all you can eat buffet and apparently my white blood cells are the spiral ham...or maybe crab claws (shoot now I am getting hungry!) But I am moxie--I steam ahead with life.
Last weekend, Valentine's Day Saturday, Jean, Vanessa, and I held our yard sale which turned into a chaotic fiesta (know what I am sayin') for those in the community to quite literally pillage, steal, and practically rape us! We had posted on craigslist,, and the Fort Bliss Monitor about our yardsale as well as made signs...all stating that we would take early birds at 7:30 while we set up---so why is it at 6:30 I am alone in a garage being ransacked calling Vanessa frantically wondering where she is...HIDING in the corner (NO JOKE!) The people (inhuman beasts is more like it) pretended that they couldn't understand me telling them in English that we wouldn't be open till 7:30...
Three hours later, we were finally able to set our stuff up only to find that things were stolen. A shoe (yep, one--we can only figure that a one legged woman with incredible shoe tastes stole it), a watch, a cell phone...two plates and the list goes on....SERIOUSLY you are going to steal something I was only going to sell for a buck---LAME.
In the end though--after all that--and having Dunkin Donuts where I then proceeded to lick TJ's chocolate donut :P (wait wait that sounds a lot worse than I meant) I also managed to sing for everyone some classic 80's songs and never forget my infamous "Little Shop of Horrors" tribute to our yardsale...Rory got to see Krazy Kerry's bitchy side come out towards the end of the day. I pulled away with $307 plus a bunch of change. Best of all I proved that people really will buy anything when I sold half a can of wood stain....I WIN!
Since the yardsale I have spent most of my time nursing my sick monster, who I have actually seen turn colors--from fevery red to sickly green :( I have managed to find and secure a dress for myself for our ball coming up (which chances are something foul will hit the fan and we won't be able to attend--as usual) and helped V. find one for her (aren't I a fabu friend!?*)
Anyways, that is the most excitement I have had since I blogged last---Hopefully this weekend I should have some noteworthy funny stories to tell since we are having game night


iTeresa said...

Yard sales.......not so much fun, but I will take sick & yard sales in spangelish any day over tree on the still stuck driving my sisters baby hearse.....blah.....

kallay said...

yay! she blogs again! i have to say... your immune system and mine are quite similar. maybe it's some weird virus buffet chain that no one's ever heard of. i'm crossing my fingers that you'll get to go to this ball. the dress you secured for the last one was awesome!