Monday, September 10, 2012

In Sickness...

As most of you know I have been in incredible pain, unable to eat, drink, or even to sleep. I managed to lose 8 pounds in this unknown pain. And although I am slowly gaining the ability to eat and drink something plagues me. Searching for the answers, because let's just be honest I have nothing else to do with my "resting" time, but to reflect on my actions and reactions. Maybe I am the root of this pain- this gnarling in my gut- what does it mean for me? Who am I supposed to be and where do I finally find the answers or the peace to know- I anxiously await the concrete solution because until then I feel in limbo- hurting myself and those that I love. That, alone, is what forces me to forge through.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Knocking the dust off a preverbially diary for the first time in (oh, I don't know) years that I actually still have a place to write all the jumbled mess that comes into my head and receive relatively healthy advise, encouragement, or at least a good deal of stalkerdom, I think it may be time to finally connect again. I've been out of the game of blogging for some time, so many people have abandoned their blogs much like I did but never the less- I'm back. Time got away from me but I am now truly inspired.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do

....But there ain't no cure for the summertime blues!

Good grief, has six weeks of summer break really come and gone and I am still busy as ever? Apparently because James will be back in school on August 21st and we have a million and one things on the calendar to do and there is no letting up.

I am not avoiding my beloved blog I am just living a crazy life and when I have down time...I take advantage.

Much love to you back in the fall!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fast Times at Summit Springs!

Already we have been here in Oklahoma two month, can you believe it? Probably on account that I haven't blogged in about that long.

Traveling to Lawton from El Paso was adventure free. I had the cats in the Corolla and they slept the whole way. Jake had James in the BMW. I knew I was gonna love Lawton from minute one: go inside Starbucks and they are playing Modest Mouse :)
The day we got into Lawton we signed our lease and within minutes the movers were hauling stuff in. Everything but the couch that is....that couldn't fit in our house. WTF! Apparently I had a "ginormous" couch that was 7 feet long and that is a few inches too big. So we had to consign it. And downgrade to a loveseat and futon (what? Are we in college or what?) Additionally, our floor is not level so in our guest room (where my computer is) feels like I am in a booty trap (booby trap--that is what I said! Yikes The Goonies!)
House is set up. Went to a Blazer game. Won. uh....Visited my bestie for her birthday (HI AMBER)...Good times, good times. Oh Red Robin how I missed thee!
James started school. We went on a field trip to the refuge....never gonna go on another field trip with 16 six year olds again. Did you know that if you touch a boy's "pee spot" you're going to hell...from the mouth of a babe. Hello- what are their parents talking about?
Slowly doing the application process for school and should be finished on the 1st just in time for school to start on the 22nd.
Currently looking forward to not being called "fucking bitch" by random crazies in the city....:) no seriously. Liking free ice cream mistakes from Braum ( HOLLA!) Six Flags this weekend yo---hopefully I get some ragin' stories there!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Days away!

As many of you know we are relocating to Lawton, Ok in a few short days. And I am so stoked. A new adventure. Tuesday I will hit the road and meet the movers on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just a Slice of (H)EL(L) Paso

I thought I would share a recent experience with you because well I think anyone with a sense of humor can get a chuckle out of this...

Sunday night about 8 o'clock, James just going to bed so Jake and I are just figuring out what we wanted to do for the rest of the night. He is on the computer, and I am channel surfing--when all of a sudden the door bell rings. Jake looks to me and asks if I was expecting someone and I, of course, say no. I go to answer the door, flipping on the porch light and what do I find? (Now before you say a Mexican wanting to cut my grass that is the wrong answer!)

A woman, selling prepackaged cheesecake pieces by the slice. [insert the WTF face here] Yup, and she didn't speak a lick of English. How about that for the weirdest things you can sell door to door.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Like a bear from hibernation

I have awakened again. Fresh (oh okay more like semi-fresh) from a long indolence away from both my myspace and my blog--were you feeling neglected? I hope I didn't offend. And although I am back I am still very much in my funk just not as much as before so bear with me. I mean it isn't like a tree toppled MY truck, right Teresa...things could be worse...although they could be better.
In the last few weeks during my dormancy I have gotten sick two (or is it three??) times. It is hard to say since they come so close together....viruses are using my immune system like an all you can eat buffet and apparently my white blood cells are the spiral ham...or maybe crab claws (shoot now I am getting hungry!) But I am moxie--I steam ahead with life.
Last weekend, Valentine's Day Saturday, Jean, Vanessa, and I held our yard sale which turned into a chaotic fiesta (know what I am sayin') for those in the community to quite literally pillage, steal, and practically rape us! We had posted on craigslist,, and the Fort Bliss Monitor about our yardsale as well as made signs...all stating that we would take early birds at 7:30 while we set up---so why is it at 6:30 I am alone in a garage being ransacked calling Vanessa frantically wondering where she is...HIDING in the corner (NO JOKE!) The people (inhuman beasts is more like it) pretended that they couldn't understand me telling them in English that we wouldn't be open till 7:30...
Three hours later, we were finally able to set our stuff up only to find that things were stolen. A shoe (yep, one--we can only figure that a one legged woman with incredible shoe tastes stole it), a watch, a cell phone...two plates and the list goes on....SERIOUSLY you are going to steal something I was only going to sell for a buck---LAME.
In the end though--after all that--and having Dunkin Donuts where I then proceeded to lick TJ's chocolate donut :P (wait wait that sounds a lot worse than I meant) I also managed to sing for everyone some classic 80's songs and never forget my infamous "Little Shop of Horrors" tribute to our yardsale...Rory got to see Krazy Kerry's bitchy side come out towards the end of the day. I pulled away with $307 plus a bunch of change. Best of all I proved that people really will buy anything when I sold half a can of wood stain....I WIN!
Since the yardsale I have spent most of my time nursing my sick monster, who I have actually seen turn colors--from fevery red to sickly green :( I have managed to find and secure a dress for myself for our ball coming up (which chances are something foul will hit the fan and we won't be able to attend--as usual) and helped V. find one for her (aren't I a fabu friend!?*)
Anyways, that is the most excitement I have had since I blogged last---Hopefully this weekend I should have some noteworthy funny stories to tell since we are having game night