Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fast Times at Summit Springs!

Already we have been here in Oklahoma two month, can you believe it? Probably on account that I haven't blogged in about that long.

Traveling to Lawton from El Paso was adventure free. I had the cats in the Corolla and they slept the whole way. Jake had James in the BMW. I knew I was gonna love Lawton from minute one: go inside Starbucks and they are playing Modest Mouse :)
The day we got into Lawton we signed our lease and within minutes the movers were hauling stuff in. Everything but the couch that is....that couldn't fit in our house. WTF! Apparently I had a "ginormous" couch that was 7 feet long and that is a few inches too big. So we had to consign it. And downgrade to a loveseat and futon (what? Are we in college or what?) Additionally, our floor is not level so in our guest room (where my computer is) feels like I am in a booty trap (booby trap--that is what I said! Yikes The Goonies!)
House is set up. Went to a Blazer game. Won. uh....Visited my bestie for her birthday (HI AMBER)...Good times, good times. Oh Red Robin how I missed thee!
James started school. We went on a field trip to the refuge....never gonna go on another field trip with 16 six year olds again. Did you know that if you touch a boy's "pee spot" you're going to hell...from the mouth of a babe. Hello- what are their parents talking about?
Slowly doing the application process for school and should be finished on the 1st just in time for school to start on the 22nd.
Currently looking forward to not being called "fucking bitch" by random crazies in the city....:) no seriously. Liking free ice cream mistakes from Braum ( HOLLA!) Six Flags this weekend yo---hopefully I get some ragin' stories there!

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